Price List

New Patient Consultation (Including X-Rays)£35
Routine Check up (Including Any X-Rays Required)£25
Scale & Polish£49
Air Abrasion Clean£75
Emergency Appointment 1 (exam & antibiotics)£50
Emergency Appointment 2
(including emergency treatment)
Extraction (per tooth)£90
Extraction (surgical per tooth)£150
Anterior White Fillings£70
Large Anterior White Fillings£100
Posterior White Fillings£80
Amalgam Filings£50
Porcelain Bonded Crowns£399
Gold Crowns£490
All Porcelain Cosmetic Crowns£450
Cast Posts£40
Porcelain Veneers£450
Botox, One Area (book now for your free consultation)From £200
Fillers Juvéderm (starts from)£250
Anterior Root Canal Treatment£160
Posterior Root Canal Treatment£220
Bridge Per Unit£400
Implant Per Unit£1650
Bone Graft£500
Adhesive Bridge Per Unit£250
Upper Full Denture£285
Lower Full Denture£285
Upper Chrome Denture£475
Lower Chrome Denture
Partial Acrylic Upper Denture£250
Partial Acrylic Lower Denture£250
Addition of Tooth into Denture£60
Addition of each Additional Tooth thereafter£30
Denture Repairs£50
Denture Reline£60
Zoom Whitening£290
Home Tooth Whitening£175
Recement Crown£50
Recement Bridge£80
IV Sedation£150
Valplast Flexible Denture£495
Inman Aligner (Per Arch)£1500
Bleaching Trays (upper & lower)£150
Retainers (per arch)£150
Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Fillers (from)£150
Panoral X-Ray£35